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SCHWAN GROUP PARSEH food industries, as a producer of stabilizers for food industries, has been able to make significant innovations in the production of stabilizers, phosphate salts, and premixed protein powders for different types of food products including dairy products, juice, ice cream, sweets and chocolate, and meat products, based on state-of-the-art knowledge and technology and use of R&D experts.


By using experienced and specialized experts and establishing an R&D team, SCHWAN GROUP PARSEH Holding has been able to continuously improve the performance and quality of its products. Today, SCHWAN GROUP PARSEH Holding proudly brings to mind that, in addition to our dear country, Iran, it has also been welcomed in countries such as Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, etc. and has taken steps in the field of export. In addition, by bringing together professional members of R&D team and sales experts, SCHWAN GROUP PARSEH Co. is doing its best to fulfill its obligations, follow up on the sale of products, and respond to all demands of dear customers.


Twenty years of experience

Continuous commitment

Expert staff


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